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by Nick Naylor in WhatsApp Marketing
June 28, 2014 0 comments

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The WhatsApp messenger has made such an admirable mark on the face of instant messaging that it is still one of the most sought after modes for messaging. But the restriction regarding bulk message in WhatApp in Kuwait is a primitive dogma due to which consumers of WhatsApp are suffering a great deal.

A user cannot send bulk messages in WhatsApp in Kuwait, means you are not allowed to send more than 100-300 messages from his or her WhatsApp account, and any violation to this rule would mean a ban for life on the account. For regular people who use the services just to connect with friends and family this may not be of much concern. But if you are running a small business which you wish to expand by making more than 300 people aware about it in an instant then you are at a loss. Because WhatsApp is just a game of 300 messages, after which it reaches it point of extinction. This is undoubtedly affecting businesses, and this is where the good news comes in. We now have the WhatsApp Marketing Software that will allow you to send text, audio, video, contact files, and GPS locations to more than 300 contacts. This means that your dream of bulk SMS via WhatsApp will now come true. In fact this software allows you to send messages to any number of contacts. Isn’t that a relief now? Through the bulk WhatsApp program the messages can be sent to anywhere in the world and the service is absolutely free. Understand how to send bulk messages in WhatsApp.

The Features

The curious cat is often the most well informed one, and this is why we will quench for thirst for questions by letting you know about the salient features of WhatsApp Marketing Software, so you can understand how you can send bulk messages using WhatsApp.

Accessibility to All WhatsApp Numbers

There is global access to all WhatsApp numbers with the software, without any limitations to the number of messages that you can send. This can prove to be a great opportunity for those looking out to reveal themselves to alien markets; now reaching the furthest corner of the world is much easier than before. Therefore you can target any number of audiences from anywhere in the world. This is the a relief for those wondering, how to do WhatsApp Marketing.

Sending Videos & Images across the Planet

There are no restrictions to the options that are available for you in your free bulk WhatsApp. With the WhatsApp Marketing Software you can very easily upload and send videos as well as images to unlimited WhatsApp numbers. This can prove to be revolutionary as now you can make use of the visual medium to reach new avenues. This can prove to be more appealing than plain texts.

User Mobility

How to use WhatsApp for Marketing? It is fairly easy! All you require is an internet connection or just your mobile phone with internet in order to send your messages anywhere at any time. Hence, this makes it a user friendly and much easier to use. You can save time as it is much easier to send bulk messages now, and as you know already that time in businesses mean money.

Real Time Reply

The Bulk Marketing Software is efficient in every way; this is why you can get reply to your messages immediately. There is no need to wait, like how you do in case of sending an e-mail. Getting replies would mean that you can now understand and learn more about your business from your target audience. This will definitely give you a very clear picture regarding your marketing campaign.

Easy Marketing

With bulk messaging you have to bear in mind the 160 characters rule, and then there is the worry regarding adding balance, and top ups. Now, you are free of all such worries. WhatsApp permits you to send long text messages, without charging any extra money, and this is how you send bulk SMS from WhatsApp.

Cost Effective Marketing

As mentioned before, you are free from limited characters that are typical in SMS services, and therefore you save money. You simply need your target receivers to have WhatsApp installed on their cell phone, and your messages will reach them in the blink of an eye. Never before was it easier to send bulk SMS in WhatsApp.

Much More

Forget about simple messages, images and videos, now with bulk WhatsApp software you can send GPS locations, and audio files too. This can prove to be an added advantage to your business, thanks to the new bulk message Whatsapp website.

The great wide world has just become shorter with the help of bulk message WhatsApp. Now you can expand your businesses faster by putting across ideas and reaching out to people from all across the globe.
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